GILTRAP Engineering Equipment

G2X2 Bale Feeder

G2X2 Bale Feeder

Feeding a lot of bales doesn't have to take a long time. The G2X2 is quick to load and safe to use. Designed to feed out all types of round bales, this machine will also handle square bales including silage and hay. The trailed bale feeder has a low centre of gravity with adjustable width wide wheel spacing, and retains the bale securely in the cradle, making it great for working on and around hills.

The really clever part of this product is a unique hydraulic loading system which is simple to use safely and efficiently. Bales are speared with high tensile tines and slowly placed on the deck in a controlled motion. The bale can be held just above the feeding cradle so you can remove plastic and net wrap safely and quickly, without leaving silage on the ground. After loading the first bale, the tines are retracted and reset to pick up and carry a second bale.

G2 Bale Feeder


Designed to feed out all types of round bales, the G2 Bale Feeder will also handle square bales including silage and hay. The cradle design maintains a low centre of gravity and retains the bale securely in the machine, making it great for working on and around hills.

The G2 can be loaded from both ends and can feed out in either direction. The feeding rate is operator controlled from the tractor for the desired feed row size.

To make life easier, the G2 can be connected/driven at either end. This will reduce tractor movement and therefore save time.

If you are looking for a simple, robust bale feeder with more than 25 years of design behind it you can't go past a G2.

T37-08 Trailer

GILTRAP Trailers

Ideal for most medium to large farming applications, the 8 Tonne Trailer has a generous load capacity and superbly designed but lightweight chassis.  The tandem axle and low deck height give excellent stability on rolling terrain.

Key Features

  • Tailgate with automatic tailgate release and spreading chains
  • Steep tipping angle
  • High ground clearance when tipped
  • Low deck height
  • Rugged front and side boards
  • Removable front board
  • Sides are hinged and removable
  • Built-in tie rails
  • Treated 35mm T & G pine deck for excellent durability
  • Single hydraulic ram to lift efficiently and prevent deck twisting
  • Guaranteed to lift evenly distributed stated working load
  • Swivel hitch is standard

RF16 Forage Wagons

Feeder SILAGE Wagons

Key Features

  • Manual feed rate control
  • Tandem axle with 3 positions for variable draw-bar loading
  • Ladder, mudguards/walkways and LED tail lights fitted
  • Double chassis ready for scales
  • High tensile floor shaft
  • Priority belt speed control
  • Stainless steel sides for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Mesh front screen and back gate for good visibility
  • Self-releasing back gate - opens automatically when bulk unloading
  • Central greasing system for difficult-to-access bearings
  • Cast iron bearings for long life
  • 35mm treated T&G pine floor for extra durability

Wood Splitter


Key Features

  • Heavy-duty main beam
  • Connects onto tractor hydraulics
  • Three point linkage mounted for convenient working height
  • Unique splitting wedge
  • Valve detent for easy slide return



Don't lose time on the little things.  Our 3-point linkage hitch connects seamlessly, and won't compromise load capacity, or maneuverability.

Key Features

    •    Rated for use on trailers up to 18 tonnes
    •    Interchangeable Category 2 or 3 towing pin
    •    Wearalloy base plate where the towing eye rests
    •    Clear view to pin and latch
    •    Suitable for most 3 point linkages
    •    Double clevis pin connection