Lely Hay & Tillage

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Attis PT Wrapper

The Lely Attis PT models are trailed round bale wrappers with a turntable. The loading arm places the bale on the turntable and the bale guides keep it firmly in position. Thus, the wrapping process can continue when on the move. Due to the exceptionally low bale discharge, film damage is avoided.

Lotus Tedders

During the tedding operation all crop material should be moved to enable easier raking and an even drying process. Contamination through soil, manure or old crop remnants is totally unacceptable. In that context, there is no single tedder that equals the adaptability and pick-up capacities of the Lely hook tine.

Hibiscus Rakes

A cam rake should allow fast operations as well as the possibility to lay down an effective swath with the correct shape and width. After all, a good swath is decisive for the output and cutting action of the baler, forage harvester or pick-up loader wagon.

Splendimo Mowers

All Splendimo disc mowers are fitted with a unique modular cutter bar. This Lely invention is made up of universal mowing units, which are directly driven by a flexible hexagonal shaft.

Tulip Multidisc

Tulip Multidisc...the high speed Multidisc disc harrow prepares the soil for trouble free seeding. The Tulip Multidisc has minimal moving parts and the discs have individual heavy-duty bearings and housings. The disc units are mounted on a rubber torsion suspension system, this unique disc suspension translates to low power requirement and optimal performance in various soil and ground conditions.

Tulip Roterra & Centerliners

Lely Welger Bailer

The perfect technology for baling hay and straw. Smarter, faster, stronger!

These are three powerful terms describing precisely why Lely machines differentiate themselves so clearly from those of their rivals. The innovative methods of our design engineers ensure surprisingly simple solutions which make our comprehensive range of machines even more efficient. Long service life and ease of operation play an important role here. That’s why we at Lely are justified in saying “we’re the innovators in the field of agriculture”.