Taege Seed Drills


Trailing Direct Seed Drill

SEED DRILL HOPPERS Larger capacity seed hoppers (405L for 3.0m and 485L for 3.6m) therefore greater hectares covered between fills. Thicker material used to build hoppers. High seed hoppers to give a good fall on the hoses when on steep country. Both seed hoppers can be used for seed and fertiliser, therefore doubling your fill capacity. Easy to remove seed from the hopper /s at the end of day or between crops. Hoppers can be totally emptied within seconds. see Computers Operator manual (run to empty)


3pl Utility Seed Drill

Facelift Model Utility Seed Drill Features Larger Hopper new collector & calibration Trays 19 drop standard tynes Tread plate (optional)


Taege Unidrill with Taege Tyne Harrows

Effective and economic way of putting seed into the ground. Includes Taege Tyne Harrows to add value and increase profits.


Tyre Rollers

MANY OPTIONS AVAILABLE Fixed beam Folding/floating beam. Hydraulic folding/floating beam. Fixed or hydraulic rear draw bar. Taege Tyne Harrows and mount. Available as a kitset.